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The Pacifica Radio Archives/UC Berkeley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Activism Sound Recording Project

The Pacifica Radio Archives is host to an extensive collection of programs that have dealt with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, including what we believe to be the first radio program to explicitly address the topic from 1958. That program and others are featured in this collection, whose preservation and access were coordinated between New York University’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation graduate school program, the University of California, Berkeley Moffitt Library Media Resources Center, the Institute for Museum and Library Sciences and the Pacifica Radio Archives in the summer of 2009. This collection highlights recordings from LGBT programs that have aired over the years on Pacifica stations, such as The New Symposium, The Fruit Punch Collective, and IMRU, and features the voices of Harvey Milk, Urvashi Vaid, Larry Kramer, Martina Navratilova, and Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, the first active military member to declare his homosexuality in 1975.

The Pacifica Radio Archives would like to extend special thanks to the UC Berkeley Moffitt Library Media Resources Center for their assistance in making these audio recordings available. Visit the original Pacifica/UC Berkeley Moffitt Library LGBT Activism Sound recording page, which contains bibliographic citations and additional audio/video resources, at the UC Berkeley Moffitt Library Media Resources Center website.

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This project was supported in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences.


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AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).
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"This tape features man-on-the-street reactions to the verdict of the Dan White trial that culminated in the White Night riot of May 21, 1979. Over 10,000 people came out to San Francisco's Civic Center to protest the decision of the courts to convict the former supervisor on two counts of voluntary manslaughter, for which he would receive less than five years of jail time. The reactions of those interviewed range from mournful to livid, with some calling for the total destruction of City...
"Radio documentary about the New York Police Department Public Morals Section"" raid upon the Stonewall Inn on June 27 1969. Patrons of The Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar, fought the police officers, thus starting a riot. This program uses views of the participants, examines the gay life both before and after the event, and its impact upon gay politics and history in the United States. Participants include: Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine; Sylvia Rivera"
Charles Pitts from the New Symposium interviews "Jay Perry", a 19-year-old hustler, or male prostitute who offers sexual services to other males, whom the host met one evening while cruising on Christopher Street. "Jay" reflects on why he decided to become a hustler, the hazards of his chosen profession, sado-masochistic roles in hustling and his own sexual identity. Broadcast: WBAI, 30 Sept. 1968.
"Harvey Milk sits down with Greg Gordon of IMRU (a weekly one-hour radio show made by a group of volunteers focusing on issues affecting the LGBT community in Southern California). Milk discusses being sworn in as a ""candidate who is gay, not a gay candidate"". Discussing the statewide primary for attorney general, the city supervisor addresses the need for politicians to get involved in minority issues. Milk speaks with disdain about privileged or closeted gays who...
Topics: Gordon, Greg., Gays -- California -- Political activity., Gay politicians -- California -- Personal...
"This recording from 1958 - the earliest known radio recording to overtly discuss homosexuality - features Elsa Knight Thompson, then the Public Affairs Director of KPFA, interviewing Hal Call, the editor of the Mattachine Society's newsletter, the Mattachine Review; Dr. Blanche Baker, a psychologist noted for her then-rarely-shared belief that homosexuality was not an abnormality nor an illness; and Lee Gailey, the mother of a gay man. Galey recounts her shock at first learning her son is...
Cathy White, Bernadette Smith, Richard Persky, members of Gay Youth in NYC, discuss their experiences as gay and lesbian youths. Among the topics discussed are the effect of homophobia on LGBT youth; societal expectations of masculinity/femininity and homosexuality; the choice of being gay; relationships between homosexuals and heterosexuals; gay bars; and racism. Ronald Gold moderates.
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Topics: Gold, Ronald., Youth -- Attitudes., Teenagers -- Sexuality., Gay teenagers., Gays -- Sexuality.
"Katz appears in San Francisco to discuss his recently published book, Gay American History. Readings from Katz's book by the host are interspersed with clips of Katz's speech in SF. Katz lectures on a diverse number of topics, including gays and the Communist witch hunt; the history and psychiatric/corrective treatments to homosexuality; Lucy Ann Lobdell and lesbian feminism; gay Native Americans; Harry Hay and the founding of the Mattachine Society; medical studies of homosexuality from...
Topics: Fruit Punch Collective., Katz, Jonathan., Gays -- History., Gay liberation movement., Gay...
KPFA devoted the bulk of their November 27, 1978 news program to the coverage of the assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. The tape begins with Dianne Feinstein announcing Moscone and Milk's deaths to a shocked and stunned crowd. Leely Franklin reports on the assassinations for KPFA. Mel Wax, the mayor's press secretary, delivers a statement at City Hall shortly after the shooting. Feinstein, the acting mayor of San Francisco, proclaims a state of...
"Technical Sgt. Leonard Matlovich interviewed by Ronald Gold on ""Gay Alternatives"". Matlovic formally declared his homosexuality to his commanding officer on March 7, 1975 with the intent to fight the customary discharge that usually attends such a declaration. In spite of an excellent military record, he was declared unfit to serve by a military panel and was handed a dishonorable discharge six months after his declaration. Time Magazine placed Matlovich on the cover...
Topics: United States -- Armed forces., Matlovic, Leonard., Gold, Ronald., Gay soldiers.
Chronology of gay events in the late 20th century. 1969: Stonewall riots and the creation of militant gay groups. 1976: Rev. Troy Perry remembers the first Christopher St. West parade of 1970. 1977: Anita Bryant reacts against Dade County's ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexuality. Briggs Initiative designated to dismiss any homosexual from a teaching position. The adoption of sexual preference resolution at the Houston Conference. Jan. 1978: Milk sworn in as SF supervisor. Word...
Urvashi Vaid, one-time attorney with the ACLU National Prisoners Project, former director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, co-founder of the Boston Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance and the author of Virtual Equality: The Mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation, is considered one of the leading voices in the progressive LGBT movement. In this hour-long lecture, delivered on May 21, 1998, Vaid discusses the legal victories of the GLBT rights movement, anti-gay marriage and adoption...
"This program is an ""audio scrapbook"" of the first National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, which took place on October 14, 1979. The program weaves together Interviews and sound clips from the parade, including footage that was recorded on the train journey from Oakland to D.C. Among the highlights of the program is an argument between the Reverend Troy Perry of Los Angeles' Metropolitan Community Church, the first Christian church to explicitly reach...
Jon Beaupre and Cindy Freedman hosted the KPFK coverage of the National March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation, the third such march of its kind in US history. Organizers estimated an attendance of around one million. The controversy over both the ban on gays in the military and the government's inadequate response to the AIDS crisis were the two main foci of the march. KPFK's live coverage of the event includes recordings of speeches by Nancy Pelosi, Phill...
Topics: Vaid, Urvashi., Studds, Gerry., Navratilova, Martina., Wilson, Phill., Lesbians -- Political...
Excerpt from Harvey Milk at 8th Gay Freedom Day talking to KPFK. Paradegoers interviewed about Anita Bryant and the Briggs Initiative. Highlights of the parade, interviews with passersby and parade participants, and local GLBT groups such as the Golden Gate Business Association.
Mike Alcalay and Amy Goodman host coverage of the 6th International AIDS Summit at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. VP George Bush on mandatory testing. Stockholm clip: PM Carlsson at 4th conference. Clip of ACT UP at Montreal. Kenneth Kaunda, Zambian president. Hans-Paul Verhoef. Restrictions on immigration in suspected HIV cases. Chris Sandoval, activist and community liaison for the AIDS office of the SF Dept. of Public Health. Fran Jefferson (SEIU). Reggie Williams, head of AIDS chapter...
Topics: Sandoval, Chris., Binder, Matt., Jefferson, Fran., Williams, Reggie., Krim, Mathilde., Kramer,...
"Eleanor Cooper, spokeswoman for Lesbian Feminist Liberation, Arthur Goodman, president of the Gay Activists' Alliance (GAA), and Nathalie Rockhill, legislative director and national coordinator of the National Gay Task Force summarize post-Stonewall LGBT political events. The GAA's City Council Bill, anti-sodomy laws and the GLBT community's awareness of political events are all discussed in this program from 1975, part of the ""Gay Alternatives"" series hosted and...
Topics: Rockhill, Nathalie., Goodman, Arthur., Goodman, Arthur., Cooper, Eleanor., Cooper, Eleanor., Gold,...
"On Labor Day weekend in 1976, a group of around 130 collectivist-minded gay men gathered in Wolf Creek, Oregon to hold a ""Faggots and Class Struggle"" conference, sponsored by the Lavender and Red Union of the University of Oregon. The conference addressed the ""romantic myth"" of bourgeois individualism fostered by capitalist ideology, calling instead for a Maoist approach that celebrates collective identity and advocates outreach to working-class...
Herb Kutchins, a professor of social work and, moderates a discussion with members of Conversion Our Goal (COG), the first transsexual support group in the United States, and Elliott Blackstone, an SFPD sergeant and long-time advocate for LGBT rights.
May 21, 1979 - White found guilty of manslaughter. White Night Riots. Milk's 49th birthday. Two gay journalists confront the makers of CBS Reports' "Gay Power, Gay Politics" for their slanted portrayal of gay subcultures. Protests over Friedkin's Cruising. George Crile and Grace Diekhaus. Harry Reasoner. Cruising in Buena Vista Park. Portrayal of Dianne Feinstein "groveling for votes". The fundamentalist "New Right" and gays. 1981 - Falwell announces...
Greg Gordon produced this program about the impact of the Dan White verdict. This excerpt of the program discusses the defense's strategy of diminished capacity. According to his lawyer, White, who was overly distressed about losing his position on the Board of Supervisors, acted without malice, deliberation or premeditation, the necessary conditions for a first-degree murder conviction in California. White was instead convicted on two counts of voluntary manslaughter, for which he served five...
Topics: Gordon, Greg., Diminished capacity (Law)., Trials (Murder)., Gays -- San Francisco (Calif.)., Gay...
"Excerpts from the ""Faggots and Class Struggle"" Conference held Labor Day weekend, 1976, plus interviews with participants. A dialectical approach to personal politics including feminism in the movement and the particular oppression suffered by ""feminine identified"" men. Produced by the Fruit Punch Collective of KPFA Berkeley."